What is Your Personal Branding Strategy?

Having recently participated in a branding strategy workshop, I was inspired to come up with something profound for a meaningful blog post.  So much can be said about a company’s brand, but ultimately it is the people who make the brand come alive.  It’s how they talk about the brand, how they relate to it, how they feel about it, and what they do with it. 

Everyone knows someone who is passionate about their company’s brand. They are emotionally invested in the brand and it becomes a part of their identity. But the questions facing many companies are: How can we make our brand instill that kind of passion and emotional investment? How can we give our brand a personality?

In order for a brand to have a personality, it has to be relatable. It’s has to have some unique characteristic, purpose, or bit of history that resonates with people in a very personal way.  The brand should make you feel inspired to tell the brand story...who, what, why, how.

Brand Graphic.jpg

I’m not talking about 30-second elevator pitch or value proposition.  I’m talking about each person’s unique engagement with the brand and how it makes them feel.  Once the brand becomes part of your identity, you own it.  You represent it.  And you become a brand ambassador.  Whether it be on your sleeve, on your hat, on your bumper sticker, or in your daily communication…everything you do leaves either a positive or negative impression on those you come in contact with. 

It has often been said that “People do business with people they know, like, and trust.”  If you are the brand ambassador for your company, what message are you sharing every day?